I'm a slave to the flowers phenomenon. I love receiving flowers whether it's from winning something, from my hubby to receiving a squashed one from my 2 year old son. So I found out one of my friends was sick I decided to go visit her and ordered her a bunch of flowers. She was at home so we went to her's knocked on the door and when she saw the flowers she was teary eyed and was so happy. I was happy to see that look on her face and was glad that I did that. Obviously she liked flowers as much as I did. We had a nice afternoon visiting with them.
On our return to our house I discovered the biggest floral arrangement on our dining table to my utmost surprise. For a second I thought my husband with my talk about flowers this morning went and ordered me the flowers. But low and behold the flowers were from our gardener!!! This is the same gardener that I'd decided to fire last week. Hubby dearest made me feel so guilty about letting the guy go that I told him he was rehired and to keep coming back! Hubby said the gardener tried to explain in his limited English that the flowers were from his brother's party or something or other... I was just surprised and loved it. I teased hubby that he should be worried that those were the most roses I'd received since we got married! Anyway flowers are another way to a woman's heart for sure. 


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