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Death: some of us shiver with fear when we hear this word or when it's visited someone we're close to! Recently I thought maybe it's society that has made us fear death so much. I'm not too sure how or why we associate death with fear and negativity but let me try. All my life, someone dying is always associated with much negativity. Why is it we're so afraid of something we don't know? All the afterlife going to hell stories has a lot to do with it. I thought that really we don't know for sure what really happens when we die but one thing for sure is we're all going to die someday. Like birth we die. Why aren't we afraid of birth and yet we're afraid of death? If anything we should be afraid for those born into this world that we live in today however we celebrate the birth of a newborn and commemorate the day we were born ourselves each year. So why don't we embrace death and think of it as just another step of life? This is how I've come to think of it. When I do something that remotely has a possibility of saying hi to death I always utter a desperate prayer to God appealing to him to keep me alive and not let me die. And I actually get goosebumps imagining how horrible it'd be for my loved ones if something happened to me. But since these new thoughts have entered my mind now I'm not sure I'm so afraid anymore. We all die and if it happens it happens but one thing for sure is we shouldn't fear it nor should we appeal desperately to God to let it pass. For all we know maybe death is really the Garden of Eden mentioned in the Bible.
I wonder if people reading this are already getting goosebumps and questioning my sanity. When my grandmother passed away she was very sick and in her final moments she cried out "Jesus why am I like this?" My grandmother instilled in us our Christian values and the strength of prayer but her final moments were obviously not very easy for her.
My sisters have their own views of that moment but I don't share the same view because not once did I feel that she was suffering spiritually. Maybe her spirituality was tested but my grandma was so strong in her faith that I think she is happier where she is now with her angels that she'd been talking to all her life.
Maybe that moment has something to do with my current thoughts; that we shouldn't be so afraid of death but think of it as just another step in our journey through life.


Wisely spoken!

All the best to you and your family,

Harold and Matthias. Former dental students from Germany in Samoa, who stayed at Hotel Safua!

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