Sniffling and blowing my nose every thirty seconds is not fun at all. I've been down with a cold for two days now and I hate every minute of it. Last night I couldn't go to sleep due to my runny nose and not being able to breathe properly peacefully. What a headache. It doesn't help when I wake up early too to more sniffling and blocked nasals. I hate this, I hate being sick. I hate how my eyes are also teary all the time from the cold. So I end up wiping my nose and eyes with the same yucky tissues spreading germs even more. Just darn great. I don't know what caused it, being around people that have a cold or when I went swimming early a few days ago. I was surprised to find the water was quite cool which of course is too cool for me!!! Yep I've got this thing from my Mom that if the chest, scalp or back area gets chilled then hullo cold. The thing is there are three pools on our complex and I feel so ungrateful every time I look out the window because we hardly ever go swimming. Now that the weather is good I've been gearing myself to get into a habit of swimming every morning before anything else. Well I did it once and here we are down with a bad cold and now I have another excuse not to go swimming every morning. One can't have it all I say.
One good thing in the midst of my misery is my loving hubby who brings me breakfast in bed first thing in the morning!


hey hon,

hope youve recovered from your cold...have plenty of fluids, vitamins, rest and some tlc hahah..nah, fai ma malolo suga.
anyhow, sorry havent been online long enough to log onto msn,...ive joined boot camp in the last two weeks and my body is in pain.
but im still eating doughnuts hahah...
by the way, we took lots of pix of Maeva with the clothes you got and i'll post then when i have the time, thanks so much!!! what a lil' bratt!! and i lurve the burberry...hmmmm,,,,nice!!
okay, better go sleep

luv u sisder,


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