Farewell in Dubai

We went to Dubai for two nights for Harry and Elva's farewell as they are leaving Dubai for good. It was arranged by the Aiga Samoa(Samoan community) in Dubai which we're part of. It was lovely to catch up with our friends there. Stayed with Lala and Tim which was fun indeed with the late nights with Dan and Trish. The following day we caught up with Alex's sister for lunch and of course slept a lot as I was still recovering from my cold.

The farewell was hosted by Mark and Tania in Silicon Oasis. It was a good time. Everyone made it which was nice however for some unknown reason it wassn't a very lively evening. We all left at one. However the food that was catered was fantastic. The presents for Elva and Harry were very nice. Anyway we slept in the following day said bye to Lala after breakfast and got dropped off at the Gazas' to catch up with them before we caught a cab to the airport to come home.

We also caught up with Rich who is my best mate Nets' hubby. Nets has yet to join her hubby. We took Rich along to meet the Samoan family up there as they will be the new addition to the group. The Sevens rugby is coming up in December so will see everyone there again. Looking forward to it indeed.

Meanwhile I went back to work last night and tonight. Tomorrow I have to lodge my application for a schengen visa. I have to get that out of the way. Good night


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