Go Puma

Just saw Argentina beat France 34-10. What a brilliant game for Argentina. They played so well and really went hard out. The French didn't quite measure up. Argentinian defence was superb. The Pumas go home with the bronze medal which is well-deserved indeed. They have been an amazing team to watch. I must say the Kiwi referee Honiss is simply no good. In the first half he missed so many things going on and he just lost control of the game. In the second half there was a legal tackle by an Argentinian on the French Jabal who is The French playmaker and the Argentinian was sin-binned. I thought that was ridiculous. Anyway the Pumas scored a try with fourteen men on the field so no worries there.
Alex parents left for Dubai today and then on their way home to NZ in two days.
I practically slept most of the day today from fatigue! My appetite is all over the show which isn't very pleasant.
I better get some sleep now I'm exhausted.(again)


Fotu said…
Go Pumas!! They did so awesome this year!

Plus - seeeki a gai fui! haha

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