Eid in Oman

It's the Eid Holidays here in Oman and the town is bustling again. It was quiet for the first few days and now people are returning from the short Eid breaks and so the traffic is back to madness again.
The drivers here are just plain mad. Whenever I drive on the road it is just plain scary. I drive defensively everytime all the time. I think it's the only way to arrive to your destination in one piece. Yesterday on the road where it the limit was 100kmph which I kept to, behind me I saw a car gaining on me. It was just scary like watching a thriller except you're in it. The car just sped up right up to my @ss as in a few inches away from me. Of course I had already indicated to get off the lane if there was a clearance which there wasn't!!! I think the excitement of Eid is getting to some people. The result is like last nite we saw a car with it's front left wheel ripped off because the idiot ran right through a round-about!!! I assume he can see because he was behind the wheel but he couldn't control his speed. The limit was 80kmh on that particular road. Friends we saw the day before said they saw another accident which had just happened of a car that flipped over off the highway and was leaning on a nearby tree. It's so normal to see accidents here that one hardly mentions it anymore. The accidents though is a result of bad driving and from what I've seen all sorts of people do it! I think certain people who are new to the country get frustrated and then they just drive just as bad!
Anyway I'm enjoying the week off. Taking my in-laws around town and seeing friends now and again. Off to a bbq tonite with the family so looking forward to seeing friends.
It was hubby's birthday on the 14th. His Mum baked him a birthday cake and he got his presents so I think he's a happy birthday boy!!! Poor hubby got called in to work though first thing in the morning. Oh well can't have everything now can we:)
The world cup final this week between South Africa and England. Who knows who'll win now? Could be either one.
Saw Love and other disasters yesterday with Brittany Murphy and it was quite good. I enjoyed it and laughed from beginning to the end. I'm reading Purple Heart by Andrew Fiu a Samoan born New Zealander who was physically sick since he was fourteen and underwent five open heart surgeries. Its not a bad read.
Spoke to my journo sister doing a fellowship in Australia and it was hilarious. She wanted to speak Samoan because she had been speaking English for 5 weeks straight and needed a break ha ha!
We have a saying in Samoan when you speak English for too long and need a break we say "kau mapeva lo'u laulau i le gagu so'o" meaning my tongue is about to be sprained from not speaking Samoan in a while!


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