To Europe!

We flew Swiss Air to Austria via Dubai and Zurich, we arrived in Vienna around 8.30 am on the 25th July and headed into Vienna to our friend Nicole's place. We dropped off our bags and to avoid sleeping in the day we headed to Stefansdom to the main square to have another look around and enjoy the sites. It was unreal how hot it was, it was like being in Samoa really and the Metro was even hotter! And I thought we left the desert.
We walked around the main square and then decided to visit the Habsburg Museum which was the old castle of the Habsburg family. We went into Sisi's museum, she was the Empress married to the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef, so we picked up these radio tour guide things that tell you about the different rooms. It was such a hot day and a few tourists that it was not exactly pleasant. It didn't help the mood that Sisi was a depressed woman after her son killed himself and she was a recluse of a lady after that...moreover she was anoerexic...Ok that really didn't help the atmosphere, Alex was already skipping a couple of rooms so we gave up and bye bye Sisi we left the stifling museum.
The last few times I went to Europe it was usually in winter and somehow it was more mysterious in the cold than in the heat of summer. Nevermind that my toes were freezing but warm and Europe don't quite go together in my book. Samoa is warm and Europe is cold that's how my brain sees it! So it was so strange also to see how the people dressed or lack there-of arriving from the Muslim country I guess, it took awhile to adjust! Vienna is a beautiful city and its always a pleasure to be there whether its by the Danube river, in the museums, at the fair on the oldest ferris wheel, in a nice Austrian restaurant having a schnitzel and schnaps or just roaming around the maze in the Schonbrunn Castle gardens. Austria is a must for the cultural visitor, no doubt.


dasifi said…
Gurl looked like you lived it up in Europe. Le mafai lava le sei o le teine Samoa la lea. You look stunnin'. Travellin' agrees with you.
For now I'll just to settle for ur pics maybe someday when I am all done with the headaches and a budget that never seems to add up I'll go a cruisin' down by the Danube and visit all 'em fabulous sites.. Lets just hope its during this lifetime and not da next
Wonderful pics...
Manuia le vaiaso.
Omega & Alex said…
Thanks mate. Where there's a will there's a way. I'm sure you'll make it there no doubt. Hope your studies are going good and good luck tests and stuff. Cheers.

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