Adventure in the clouds!

Alex and Colin, our friend Nicole's son
We caught the cable car from Wolfgangsee, the nearby lake up to the mountain called Zwolferhorn which was more than 1500 metres high. The cable car started off as a beautiful ride on a sunny day soon turned cloudy, windy and rain started to pour down at 6oo metres!!!

We were engulfed by clouds and fog and we couldn't see anything outside anymore. A photo of Fleur and I and behind us is all white while we were in mid-air half-way up the mountain! Ok I must admit I was a bit nervous just then. Ten minutes later we finally made it to the top safely but there was no visibility of anything from up there. Moreover the cable cars stopped running until the rain and the clouds had cleared!

A beer to calm the nerves...
So we sat in the bar/restaurant where the cable landed and forced the waitress to serve us as they didn't have a choice we were all stuck up there. (They were closing due to the storm but as the cars stopped they were obliged to serve those that asked for beverages.) There were some proud people from Letland(never met anyone from there before) and a couple of Austrians. It turned into a bit of a party in there and the jolly waitress started to auction off the trinkets and glasses from the bar! It was quite funny (we bought a beer mug!) The two old Austrian blokes that were there approached us to ask if we were Hawaiian and were pleased with their close guess when we said we were Samoan! Austrian friendliness came through as they whipped out flasks from their backpacks and shared their schnapps with us! It turned out not to be a bad afternoon after all. Soon after they called us that the cable was working again and off we went on our jolly way after a pint of beer and a swig from the local schnapps!! Choo hoo.


seeing that youre hopping all over as per usual, don't forget that faautu is still in sure she'll apreciate a visit from you travellers, and tell fleur...
fa laia

oh...and remember julie (yourbest buddie olotuli ) lives with 'her' brothers in england,...satuu should know the number to them.
Omega & Alex said…
Jody, Julie is back in Samoa now but Uncle spent his second week with his bros. No to worry we already have a lot of people to visit! The Samoan/Jackson network mate.
Shark Girl said…
Makuai ova le lua kaka'a. Haha. Stob moy chelus. Love the pics. One day in the very very distant future I will get a liva liva aso.

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