Back to Austria: The Beautiful Moon Lake!

A picturesque view of Mondsee Lake.
After our four awesome days in Belgium with Fran we caught Ryanair back to Salzburg into my sis' Fleurs arms and spent another exciting week with her at Mondsee. Mondsee means Moon Lake. We did quite a few things around Mondsee. We went to nearby Wolfgangsee another lake nearby and rode the cable car up a mountain which turned out to be quite an adventure in itself. We also went to Halstatt and visited the Salt mines, the oldest there are and still in use.
The Lake festival was scheduled for that week-end but unfortunately it rained so much that a lot of activities were cancelled so what do we do, we had our own festival at home - Austrian/Samoan style. Our friends in Austria came over and we had one heck of a party of course.

The view from the pool!


i haven't seen the swimming pool since its been upgraded....awww,...i wish i was there!!!!

fa fa

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