Known for...

Belgium is known for their chocolate, beer and lace.

Samoans in the Chocolate shop: "I want dis-order, dis-order and dis-order...!

Lace shop - when ya can't afford it just take a picture.. heh!

Background a cathedral in Brugge which dates back to the 15th century (I think)!


fran said…
man you guys comingback next weekend?? mati and faautu willbe here..too bad benoit wont be here e taxi lol
Omega & Alex said…
Oka se unkind o lou sista. Fran fai faalelei se kama ga ua kau leaga le ulu hahaha! Wish we could come this week-end, don't kill me I'm going to England faalavelave.(yeah right) to see my uncle before he goes back to Samoa. Hope you guys have a good one. Hi to Margie and Faautu.
fran said…
OMG we had abalsat..hit oriellys and conways and then spent the last two days at Samoa was all good. Love your photos from Austria

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