Seki a Samoa

My son and I landed safely in Samoa in the early hours of Saturday morning. We had a good nights sleep and woke up to a beautiful sunny day. I was greeted by the welcoming crowing of roosters, chirping of birds and the sounds of the neighbours. Just blissful sounds of home to me. I looked out through the practical modern Samoan window of louvres and was rewarded by the breathtaking multi-colours but predominantly rich green of the plants and trees. To me this is a sign I am HOME. My sister and hubby have moved to a new place and on one side is a cliff where one can hear the distant sound of a waterfall. I woke up and just took in everything around the house and was just happy and content. I am home once more and am grateful that I can come home more often than not. Had a lovely time catching up with my family and my Mum. 

At 3pm we made our way to the games to watch Manu Samoa take on Scotland. It was not a very exciting game with Scotland scoring a try in the first 5 minutes and Samoa playing catch up until towards the end when Samoa  was leading until Scotland scored a try in the last minute to win the game. Needless to say everyone immediately left the stadium with heads down! The Scots were naturally really happy. Apia Park was packed and just about everyone wore wore blue! What disappointed me though was how quiet people were. OK we sat near the VIP section who I guess are normally boring but the cheaper seats looked like they were having a grand time and here we were in a section where when one shouted you stood out like a mad person!
Only in Samoa where within the seating area you're at, you just about know at least two people in each row! Just hilarious but one of the things that make this place home. Small, warm, incestuous but just Fabulous. 


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