Post Op: Oral Surgery 3 days later

I took panadol, antibiotics but refused the anti-inflammatory prescribed as it causes swelling around my eyes. So there's a lot of discomfort and I certainly look like a chipmunk. Huge chin plus scabs around my lips where they must have held my mouth open. Every time I imagine what they did I cringe. The doctor called a few hours later with further instructions for after care, to put ice on my jaw and even drink cool water or eat ice cream to help with the healing of the wounds.
The next morning I was very swollen and tender in the mouth area and my jaw was just huge. My son was bored and wanted to go to school so I covered my mouth like a bandit and drove him to school. It was very uncomfortable but made it to pick him up again later. I covered my face more to save others from a sight for sore eyes. When I showed some of the ladies my swollen chin the look on their faces said it all! And back to bandit style I went. Today however I finally feel a lot better like I'm definitely healing. My right ear is blocked though and only when I move it to the side it clears. I think the dentist must have dug so hard on the impacted tooth that he touched the nerve. I can't wait for the follow up appointment to hear what happened and how it all went. We're due to travel this Thursday by air but I've been informed I cannot fly within 10 days of going under! So looks like I'll have to wait till I get better however there's no way I'd voluntarily fly in this delicate condition. I'm over it now and just hope I get all feeling back as soon as. I made a big pot of chicken soup the day after surgery and my son and I have been living off that the past few days for dinners. He gets the normal one and I puree mine and porridge for breakfast. I miss my eggs and toast! 


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