Runaway and Hopeless Mum

I was at the mall with my 3 year old son today. He was doing really well until he saw Toys R Us. I explained that we're having a look and not buying him anything. He said ok and we went to the bike section where he proceeded to try out the bikes and the cars and anything he could ride on. It was time to leave and he didn't want to leave. I literally had to half carry him out of there kicking and screaming at me to put him down as he was not a baby. We got to the door and I spotted other friends so to distract him I said look there's your friend Ruth. We went over to say hi and he sort of ran back into Toys R Us. I saw him run back inside so I assumed(big mistake) he was in the bike section again. I quickly said goodbye and went back to find him only to find him nowhere in the shop. I called out his name and he didn't reply as he usually did. Now I'm running around the shop trying to find him then it occurred to me that he must have left the shop so I run out of the shop into the mall and now I'm about to faint as I was fearing the fact that he could be anywhere in this massive mall and the worst case scenario is someone snatching him! 
I notified my friends that I had seen earlier that I couldn't find my son and if they saw him and they said no. Luckily some people saw and overheard me said there was a boy by the mall entrance not far from where I was. I ran as fast as I could towards the doors and there was another mother with her child trying to coax my son out from under the stairs where he had sought refuge and was sitting quietly with tears in his eyes. The lady was kind and reassured me he's ok and that these things happen! The relief I felt was overwhelming as I went to get him. He said he ran away from me then he couldn't find me! Just great, my 3 year old is already trying to run away from his mother! I held him tight and told him not to do that again I was really scared because I couldn't find him. And he said to me not to lose him again! ouch. It looks like I'm not getting the Mother of the Year award this year. I thank God that nothing bad happened to him and that I'm not letting him out of my sight EVER.


Kim said…
Glad you were able to find him. Its little things that makes us better moms. lol
Malelega said…
Thanks but I tell ya I was just really scared.

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