Golf in the Gulf

Hubby went to play golf a few days ago. When I got home I found he and his golf buddy brooding in the lounge. "Hmmm", I dared ask "I take it, it wasn't a great day on the green today? Who won? How did you guys play today?" Me sounding all interested. One said it was an okay day and the other said they played badly. However that's not far from the normal reply though lately they were upbeat after a game, so I still didn't get why they were brooding today! I knew they were playing with a new golfer so I asked "Oh did Frank beat you guys today? Did he turn out to be really good!", "oh no no nothing like that, he's definitely new, and like us, he's working on his swing." 

By then I had enough of the riddles "So why are you both looking depressed as heck?" "Oh we played with Jack...Bahaha. Mystery solved: Jack IS a Pro Golfer, one of two mates that run the golf shop. So I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. It was just too funny. I said that they must be crazy to play him! And they said grumpily, that he just showed up to play with them and yeah he was bloody good. As in smoked them on the course. I said did you tell him that that's not good for their shop as it'll put you off golf? So I was enjoying this and rubbed more salt in the wound, "so how good was he? on par or bogeys all the way and how did you both do compared to him?" Hubby's mate(a pilot) said "It's like Jack getting in a pilot's seat, he just won't know what to do" Bahaha. I laughed louder at the fact that he tried to justify their play like that. I was just enjoying their pain I tell ya, mean I know but I had a good laugh at their expense that day. Too meke! lol 


Goddess said…
hahahah - two pilots got! kai leaga, was the other one Grant? gosh - take about being served humble pie on the golf course...change courses guys!

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