Countdown to Christmas

Christmas soon
I'm really looking forward to Christmas now! I've decided to stay back and celebrate Christmas in our own home to give my son the full Christmas experience of putting up and decorating a tree and so on. I'm looking forward to the Christmas decorations and hype in the shops. It gets better and better every year here in this great Muslim country we live in. When we landed here 7 years ago Christmas time was almost depressing due to the lack of atmosphere. Today it's Christmas in the malls and even better are the malls in Dubai where they go all out! I'm secretly hoping to sneak a trip to Austria before THAT is REAL Christmas!

We had a bbq last night and a few friends came over, which was fun as usual. Woke up with a bit of a headache but not too bad thank goodness. There was a lot of food though and today we enjoyed the left overs from it. Today I parked myself on the couch and watched my recorded shows all day! Like how useless is that! It's a week-end here and the end of Eid holidays. The town has been utterly dead all week! What's more is the weather has been very unusual of dark days threatening to rain. It has drizzled every day for the past three days! Last night as everyone left it rained, heavily which was just beautiful to watch. It didn't last long though but to experience it was nice enough. You probably think how boring but when you live in these part where it only rains  three times a year, rain becomes an absolute blessing. Until it causes floods in some parts of the country because wadis are filled quickly and become raging rivers!

So it seems everyone I know own a GHD except for me of course! I've been wanting to get one for the last 2 years only because when I've tried using everyone else's it's basically the best hair straightener around! I was shocked though when I heard how much it costs. Like really ridiculously expensive! I decided that was going to be my birthday present for my last birthday and I'm proud to say I've ordered one and didn't feel ALL lol. Funny thing though is as my hair grows longer, the more straight it is, so I may not have needed the GHD after all, but who am I kidding:) lol


Coconut Girl said…
I think your hair is pretty straight anyway! But yeah GHD works wonders...theres a palagi hairdresser here who works from home...she brings in GHDs every now and then. I bought one for $400...not bad I reckon. I only regretted after when e susue aku le purse ua no more manero ae lei faakaua le meaai o le afiafi hahaha.

Btw amuia oe ma au travels...I hate you right now. Post up some pics too pls.

Malelega said…
Hi Cocogirl, wow that lady is nice to sell it for that, I mean one Tav dress costs more than that so it's not too bad lol. Ia lea lava e fa'akali le order lea ga fai! And thanks for reminding me abt the photos, I totally forgot to put them up. xx

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