Rugby players everywhere

Samoa is swarming with rugby players at the moment. Everywhere we went we were sure to run into one or their families. They were holding trials in Samoa for the Manu Samoa team to play in the Pacific nations and then on to the team for the World Cup. And these players are Samoan guys that play all over the world. Some Samoan born some NZ born. I thought it was nice how some of these players that are successful in their own clubs elsewhere still find it the ultimate to come play for Samoa. But then again the World Cup is the ultimate for any sport I'd say. So at the airport we met up with a few of these guys leaving Samoa unhappy as they didn't make the cut. I was quite surprised for a couple of guys we knew that didn't make it! Like two of the Tuilagi brothers not making the cut!!! They're strong players and hope the team won't suffer without them. Anyway the Rugby Union in Samoa is so corrupt that it's a wonder why these guys waste their time. But then again it's an avenue onto the world stage for most of them. I just hope they beat Fiji at the world cup when they go up against them in the pool games...heh heh


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