Facebook: a disease

I've been in Samoa for over three weeks and none of where I stayed had easy access to the internet so when I had the time I stop in at LeSamoa Net at Lotemau Centre and check my email and updated my facebook status. The first week I tried to do this often but mostly to keep in touch with hubby and with sidda from the Waikato who hadn't arrived yet. By the third week it occurred to me that I couldn't care less if I went online anymore because the people that I wanted to be in touch with the most were all in Samoa with us. My immediate family that is. When I got to NZ to my sister's house I went online for awhile to get updated on facebook and realised what a waste of time it was. I mean everyone knows that 'right?' but I thought gee why do I want to know about someone else's day in the sun on the other side of the world and why do I bother updating others about the fresh tuna sashimi I ate last night at Seafood Gourmet to the over-priced nice cold vailimas we bought and happily drank so I could get my kid to swim at the Tanoa pool? I mean who cares? I'm sure two weeks in the desert will make me see the light again but right now what a total waste of time...ia ua lelei...


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