And for that name which is no part of thee

If you are a parent you will know the hours and sleepless nights you go through as you try to think of the best name for that expected and loved child that's about to enter the world and become a precious part of your family. Before I even had a baby I had decided that they would get Samoan names. Our language is so unique in the world that a Samoan name will definitely not be very common plus it would be part of my child's identity in the world. I looked at our and my husband's family names and went through our Samoan genealogy to look for that name that would just take my breathe away. As it goes, a lot of my family have used some of the old names that there are three cousins with the same name, so cross those off. And then there were other beautiful names but they were a tongue twister for non-Samoans and they could be translated rudely. Oh yes I thought of my child's future in the school yard when the mean kids make mean stuff up using names. So I loaded my poor mother with this important task, she's well versed with the Samoan culture, is an orator and who better to come up with a name then She:) So it became like a game of one coming up with a name and then we'll find reasons why it wasn't the one. My mum, sisters and I went to have a 4D scan, through a friend who worked for General Electrics that made these machines. We basically were watching a live video of my baby moving about inside my tummy and I was just short of 5 months pregnant! It was an amazing and humbling experience. And we swear he was dancing in the womb! Of course. So later on in the day we went for a walk in the woods and it was just a beautiful day with the sun shining through the trees. It was during this walk that Mum stopped and said "well praise be to God, for all our prayers and hopes have reached heaven, you're going to have what seems to be a healthy baby boy." And born was the name of my son "Ua tau i lagi le fa'amoemoe!" Tau-I-Lagi: Reach The Heavens. And I thought it was just perfect and we could shorten it to Tau. Tau in Samoan is 'to fight' as in a war.
Anyway I got the shock of my life when I found out that another person who is Samoan has named their child after my son's name!!! I find it's a compliment but it's still strange and awkward! Of all the names in the world! We have the same friends as well. Could they not think up another fabulous name? Or at least acknowledge the source?


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