At the end of July we found and moved into a villa which has a nice small garden and one car garage though both cars can fit inside the gate. We've been here for almost three months now and it's great. The A/Cs were noisy at first but the maintenance were quick to service them. One is still noisy but we hardly use it so we don't bother. We've had a few BBQs here which have been fun. It just shows how much we missed out on entertaining since we didn't have the space before. Tau is enjoying the outdoors more as the weather improves.
At the end of August, Tau and I travelled to Austria to visit my sister there. We were there for two weeks and what a lovely time we had. We flew to Munich where my sister picked us up from and two hours later we were in Mondsee. The weather there was great plus the views and the greenery made it divine. Every day we did something fun for Tau not to get bored. Plus we could use the pool so we swam almost every day for the first week as the sun was shining and the pool was just perfect. We would go down by the lake for Tau to play at the playground there some days. We went to the Salzburg Zoo when another friend came from Vienna with her two boys to see the animals. Tau loved it and we all had a nice time. We went swimming at the Bad Ischl thermal Baths and it was lovely, newly renovated pools and it was well designed with about 5 pools to choose from. There was a lazy river too and it was lovely. There were quite a few people but it didn't feel crowded. It was a nice way to spend a rainy day. I loved the sensation of the cold rain splattering on my face while immersed in the warm water. Tau had a nice time and so did 7 year old Oliver who didn't want to leave. One of the days we went by a creek for the boys to dig and play with their buckets. We wore boots but we all got soaked in the feet. It was fun and something different to do.
Boot Camp
About four weeks ago I signed up for Boot Camp here in Muscat. Two South African guys are running it and it's just been fantastic. On the first day they made us run about 800 metres down the beach and I almost blacked out and walked most of the way. I was so unfit it was tiring and disgusting.
This morning I managed to run the 800 metres where we do the stretches and then run back again:) It's great that I'm a lot fitter and it's been fantastic. This class runs three times a week and I go to the one at 5.30am! Yep, me miss sleepy head actually get up at 4.30am and go to Shatti beach to exercise. It's a great group of people and it's just a nice thing to do rather than sit around and just put on weight!
This morning though there was a large group of men jogging from one end of the beach towards us. It was amazing there must have been over a 100 of them in uniform. We think they were the local police cadets in training. Just a cool sight though. It's also really cool to see so many Omanis out exercising in the morning. Most of them are older men and couples. It's great to see people working out, and the feeling's contagious.
Commonwealth Games
Samoa has won three gold medals and one bronze so far in Delhi India. It's very exciting for Samoa.


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