Mad morning

This morning my alarm went off and I must have stopped it instead of snoozing it that I woke up again and the time was 5.33am! I was so disappointed in myself as I thought I missed the Boot camp training this morning. Then I thought hold on it's not too late to catch some of it. I quickly got dressed, brushed teeth and ran out to the car and drove towards the beach. Lucky I'm not too far from the beach so was there within 10 minutes. So I was about 30 minutes late but I made it in time to do most of the self test and the rest of the exercises. It felt good and was happy to have made it. It's a good start to the day. When I got home hubby and sonny were fast asleep and was told that Tau didn't sleep well so I snuggled in after my shower and was knocked out. I woke up a few hours later refreshed and went out to the Women's Guild group coffee to get my new card and tickets for the Crystal Ball next month. I'm really looking forward to the ball and praying that Alex gets the day off so we can go:)
I sat down in the few seats available and met two ladies who were both new to Muscat. One from Germany who lived in Spain and one from Australia but grew up in England. It was nice to also run into an old friend who now has a gorgeous six month old baby girl called Rose and her mum whom I also met a few years ago. It was nice to see them and plan to catch up again. Meanwhile Tau was running around making new friends in the coffee shop with the waiter and two other little girls there. The local people are really very nice with kids and Tau being the little charmer that he is always charms his way into people's good graces. The waiter came to carry him out of the shop and said bye bye. So cute.
We went to Dubai on the week-end with Alex who had to be there for a week. Tau and I came back on the Friday and he insisted on pulling our one bag. It was about 17kgs but he's pulling this thing. So I just walk ahead pushing the trolley with his car seat and making sure he's following me. People stopped and stared and smiled and this little boy pulling the bag that was heavier than he was!!! It was so funny and I'm sure they were probably thinking I was so hard to let him do that lol. We got home ok and Oman Air staff in business were really nice. I love the hot meals in business between here and Dubai so will make sure we do it again next time:)


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