Covert blogging

So I tried to hide a fact in one of my blogs and the person I was writing about knew straight away I was talking about them! So much for my covert blogging! Not that I really tried. Just venting really.
I made it to the exercise class this morning. As I dragged my feet along the beach all I could think of was the nice Spanish shiraz that I delightedly punished myself with the night before. I congratulated myself for getting up for the exercise session but in between rubbing the cobwebs from my eyes I also advised myself not to do that again the night before running up and down the beach trying to get fit! Boot Camp has been so much fun, exercising as the sun comes up in the morning and making friends with fellow unfit boot campers has been a blast. Next week is the last week of Boot Camp and am sad about it but I've also signed up for the next session. I figured if I can't drag my lazy bum to the gym then I might as well do this first thing three mornings a week.
Lee Child
I've read Echo Burning by Lee Child, a Jack Reacher novel. I must say this guy is really good with his writing and I find it enjoyable. I'm now reading the latest ones I'm onto '61 hours' and have 'Worth Dying For' to go next. I'm into reading at the moment once more and really enjoying it. I like getting lost in books. I read 'Hard Girls' by Martina Cole and boy does she waffle on about crap. Like describing over and over that the heroine was 'old, wrinkly, long in the tooth, everything sagging' I mean WTF. I skipped a lot of parts due to repetition about the age of the heroine amongst other things!!!


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