The next to last day of August 2007, time flies when we're so busy. In a few days I will be a year older! What more can one ask for but good health, a happy home and a loving family. This week we received a date card for my cousin's wedding in California, USA for January, a box of chocolates from a friend in Switzerland(thanks heaps) and a postcard from new friends who were on holiday in Moscow. It was so nice to get personal things in the mail for once. A refreshing break to the usual statements and other impersonal documents. I love sending people postcards from where-ever we go because I loved receiving them when I was growing up. So I was happy to get that one from Moscow. I think it's my first from Russia. Maybe soon I'll head that way to look at the Kremlin myself as featured on the photo!
I met two Egyptian brothers years ago in Samoa and we sent each other postcards every now and then. For me Egypt was so far removed from Samoa that it was exciting to receive a picture of the pyramids and the temples every now and then. It really made me dream of the day I'd finally go there. As it turned out last year hubby and I visited Egypt and stayed with my postcard buddy for a few days. I love how worlds apart some of us share some things in common, our love for experiencing new places and the commitment in helping others to do so!

Last week-end I heard some unfortunate news from home. My sister's office building burnt down. My sister is a journalist and at the moment they're determining whether the fire was caused by an electrical fault or by an arsonist. It is really sad to think that someone would do such a thing to the press in Samoa! But we never know. I believe in karma so whoever did that, will have their fair share of hot situations soon enough.

The South Pacific Games is all the rage at the moment in Samoa. It will continue till the first week of September. So far Samoa have the second most gold medals with New Caledonia at the top with the most medals overall. I hope the Samoans keep up the good work and win some more medals. So far they are doing a good job in hosting the games which is great for tourism, in showing that Samoa can manage a big number of visitors all in their stride.

Lately in Muscat the rental prices have sky rocketed. Obviously there is a high demand for rental properties and the property owners are answering with an increase in rent. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an apparent law governing rental prices so there are some places that have increased their prices at more than 30%! But there is nothing that we can do but watch, wait and grimace when that dreaded notice with the rent increase arrives in the mailbox!

Ramadan starts in about two weeks. The month of fasting and prayer for the local Muslims. The weather has improved now and the days are nice though the sun is still fierce and scorging on some days.

I've started at the gym again and feel good about it. Hubby is very supportive and encouraging as he's been back at it for over a month now. Let's hope I keep at it for the next week at least!


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