Life as I know it

I have nothing to blog about but I just feel like writing. So I'm just going to talk about everything and nothing...simply because I can.
Oh actually my evening classes finished this week. I asked the students if they wanted to have a party after the test. Party meaning everyone bringing food and fizzy drinks to consume and just mingle in the classroom after the final test. One of my classes brought so much food and they presented me with a local perfume which the presenter announced was from Saudi. The bottle it came in is really beautiful. I opened the present in the class and took a whiff of the stuff and almost fainted. Hahaha! Their kind of perfume is very different from what I'm used to! So I've put it on display in the house because the packaging is just exquisite!
In the other class the only lady in it had bought a new car the day before and to celebrate she offered to bring the food for the "party" to which all the boys eagerly nodded in agreement...! It was cute but the lady insisted. That party consisted of cookies and chocolates and lots of fizzy drinks too. It was nice though.
Anyway I'm teaching teenagers in the mornings five days a week and its ok. One of them leave me exhausted but generally they're ok. Yesterday I forgot to set the darn alarm and I slept in. Luckily my taxi I ordered was still waiting 20 minutes later by the time I was ready! Not good. Weird how you dream about it happening and then it actually happens hahaha!
Today after class I went to the mall nearby just to look around. It was one of those days where you try things on and they just don't look right! Sometimes I look at the stuff I take into the changing room and wince that I actually took them off the rack! hahaha! The dilemmas of a woman.
We then had lunch at hamburger nation with two of my colleagues. It was nice. Came home with a burger for Alex as the kitchen was closed for the day heh heh. We just came from a movie called "Harsh times" with Christian Bale. A good movie. He's a good actor no doubt but the concept is scary and real. It's based on one man's life after the warzone. As hubby said how can they assimilate back into society after witnessing what they do and gone through such experiences. It's disturbing stuff but I wonder if there is enough support psychologically and emotionally for those poor souls. I think anyone who experiences the realities of war must have their hard times afterwards. The mind is a mysterious thing.
Anyway better go to bed or I'll be exhausted tomorrow and it's the week-end. Adios.


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