End of Summer School and Exploring

Summer School ended last Wednesday. In my last class I found the students had brought a stereo with full on speakers to class and set it up at the back of the classroom. So after a quick lesson we had a party. Again end of term party is eating sweets and junk food and this time the boys turned on their music and danced to the latest hits. It was hilarious. They were enjoying themselves so much it was fun to watch. The girls of course did not get up except for one really daring one that got up and did a funny dance move that sent everyone in hysterics.
One boy brought his guitar so at one point they turned off the music and let the guitarist show his talent. So I asked the students for someone to sing to accompany the music. And they all said they couldn't sing. So I said to the guitarist to sing himself. He was a bit shy so his friend covered his face with a book and then he started singing. And boy did I make a mistake. Unlike his natural talent with the instrument his vocals were way off-key. The others suppressed their laughter while I tried to keep a straight face and enjoy the music. What was good was the kid was really enjoying himself and didn't care whether we liked it or not which I thought was good. He sang some local numbers which all the students liked.
So back to the music and students from other classes were trying to crash our party of whom I nicely turned away. So high on sugar I gave them their certificates and everyone went home on a high!

Hubby's sister Cesc visited us last Wednesday for the week-end. So on Thursday we drove out to a place called The Chains where we drove up a wadi(river bed) and parked the car at the mouth of the wadi before trekking up it to find beautiful cool waterholes for swimming. It's called The Chains by some explorers because someone put in chains on a rock face to enable people to climb up to the pools further up. It wasn't an easy climb though it was only about 5 metres but the steps were far apart and the rock face was hot so it wasn't pleasant. Eventually we all made it up and enjoyed swimming in the first pool though the actual attraction was further up but we didn't have a rope to . So we enjoyed the clear pool we found and then climbed back down. We went back to where we were parked under a tree, where hubby sparked up the barbie for some lunch. We enjoyed the afternoon lounging around under the tree until about 5pm we headed back to Muscat. The Chains is about two hours drive North of Muscat. I'd love to go back there but we need to take a rope next time and with more people.
The next day hubby had to go to work so Lize, Cesc and I drove out to the yacht club and bluffed our way inside and found ourself an umbrella and enjoyed the beach for the rest of the afternoon. There was a breeze all day it was lovely and the water was cool..actually a bit cold for us locals who are now acclimatised to the hot summer! The days are less hot now thank goodness and can't wait for it to just be nice and warm and not HOT. Yesterday, Cesc and I went to a local spa for a massage. It was so relaxing and the masseuse was so good. I literally felt the knots being massaged away.
The result was I came home planned a lesson and fell asleep afterwards. I woke up and was almost late to my class. Next time I shouldn't do a massage to close to class time hahaha.


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