We're coming home! (for a visit)

Counting down the days, the hours and soon the minutes to our trip home to our Mommas and Dadda. We're heading home at the end of next month to revisit our homes and to see our families. We're looking forward to all the little ones who have grown an inch or two since last time and who now have a few too many words in their vocabulary and lots of ideas on what we could get up to. Of course we will also greet the new members of our families (babies) who are due in April and those who were born while we're away. My two sisters are due in April and Alex's cousins have had a few babies in the past year. So, its exciting. Of course I dread being asked over and over when we're starting our own team but well that's what families are all about: to love, to cherish and annoying at times.
Our dear families and friends who read this: We'll be in Samoa from April 5th to the 15th and in Wellington, NZ from the 16th to the 22nd, we'll be in Hamilton and Auckland for the rest of April until we leave. So make sure you make your way to see us while we're there(uh huh). We're hoping to organise a get-together at both homes in Samoa and Wellington so we can catch up with most of you. Unfortunately we don't have the time to visit everyone but we'll try our very best.
We made it to church today and the pastor gave a thought provoking sermon about not giving in to temptation. He was reiterating that we all have a tendency to do bad or choose badly but its a matter of being prepared to recognise and fight off the temptation that we come out winners with no regrets or sadness, Amen. God bless us all. Have a lovely week-end everyone.


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