So another week has ended and whew what a relief. I'm now tutoring history to a teenager in the afternoons and I'm sort of enjoying revising what we learned back in High School. The student has to sit his O level exams this year so I hope to help him pass his exams so he can get on with his life.
The week has been hectic. Being a new teacher certainly has its trials and tribulations. Like any other job one learns as you go along. Somehow for me it feels harder than it should be. I wonder if its to do with the fact that I've been out of a job for awhile that's making this working life seem harder than it is. Basically I'm being a B!G B@BY. But hey its my life and my free space so I'm going to howl as long and as loud as I want. heh heh! I don't even have time to go to the gym these days.
I'm a night person, all my family are(I think) and while I was loafing at home (pre-job, post-uni, desperate housewife) I stayed up late and slept in. Now I'm trying my flailing best to sleep early and get up early. So far I go to bed at 11pm if I'm lucky and get up around 8am. More like the alarm goes off at 8 and I stagger out of bed 30 mins after that. This morning I thought to myself 'I can do it' and off I went to the gym. In my head was hubby's voice "just 20 mins of a good work out will make a difference." Nike swoosh came to mind 'Just do it'
I got onto the running machine and decided to go for gold. Me who hasn't been working out much lately, I went hard out doing interval training. My head felt like it was going to burst and my heart was beating in my ears. I thought wow I'm really pushing myself. Normally when I feel that, I would then lower the level of the machine and just about stroll for the rest of the 20 mins. This time I thought again "no, I can do it."
Well, 10 minutes later I thought it was enough, time to go to another machine plus I really didn't feel that good. I got off the machine and just about fell on my face. I felt so dizzy and close to throwing up. I made it to the closest bench and sat down to regain full conciousness and managed to think "what an idiot." Like all those fitness books say 'Do not push too hard when you haven't been for a long time because you're not as fit as when you last exercised.'
So working girl waddled back home to hubby's surprise hahaha! I thought it was hilarious though it was not very smart but then really what is pushing too hard and what isn't. I must email some fitness guru about this:)
It's now after midnight but its my week-end as I'm only teaching one two-hour class tomorrow so I can relax a little bit. Hubby is at work and he's gonna freak when he finds me still up in front of the computer(like its something new lol). Well better say adieu because this working girl wants to make it to the gym tomorrow. God help us all. Amen
Oh and one last thought I wanted to write about earlier in the week but didn't have the time. I got an email from my Mom back home informing us of two elderly relatives(ladies) who have passed away. I've been away from home a lot and this time for quite awhile, however its still weird to get these emails about people from our village or family dying.
To me, its like my childhood memories or my roots are slowly being depleted or evaporating into nothingness. Everytime I return home, it's always nice to see all the faces that I once saw every other day growing up as a child, though weathered but the same smile or scowl remained. Though I make comments like oh "Ailole is still the same, still asking for my earrings and saying I'm fat to my face" and yet its what I know growing up there. If I go home now and don't hear or see that person, it feels as if a void has taken that person's place. Whether very significant or not-so-significant those people still mean something to me or are a part of who I am. They are a part of what I know as home, of what is familiar to me, of what once inspired me to get out of that village and make something of myself, only to find out that one self is within me. No place, money or profession can change who one is, for one's roots I believe; defines who one is and what one becomes for the rest of one's life.
So thanks to Aunty Ailole, I better go to bed so I can make it to the gym and see if she'll call me fat this year. Food for thought. Good night and Good Luck.


who died??
i know tepora died whose the other one?? se, thats sad...
Omega & Alex said…
Tepora and Sina, Ailole's sister in Lalomalava. Posese and Tauvaga's mother.

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