End of the week!

What a stressful week it has been for me. I am teaching a new class this week and boy were they giving me a hard time. Amazing how they act like little children. Well I have to say I lost sleep over it last night but today I regained my grounds and had a fabulous class. This week the Director of the institution I'm teaching at decided to put another teacher in my class for dual teaching. Of course they told us this on the afternoon of the day. Basically we were told that the Teacher coordinator was coming to teach with us. She would teach some parts of the class too! I'm like what the heck??? That is weird. As it was too late to do anything about it, I taught the first day and the coordinator came in to "help" me. Of course the students did not understand why there were two teachers. Anyway as I had dreaded there was already a muck up of when I went to check the students' work and the answer I gave was different from what my colleague gave. So I tried to explain to students that you could use either (which you could).
The coordinator said that she was going to teach the grammar point for that day. I arrived early to see her to find out what exactly she was doing and what she'd like me to do. Ummmm she just waved dismissively and said not to worry when I finish I'll just leave and you can carry on??? I was like WHAT??
So that's what happened, she came in taught the grammar point with a context that was totally off my context of the week. So when she left I'm standing there trying to get the students attention back and to incoporate what she taught with the context I was using. Let's just say I was ready to scream my head off. I went in to see the Director and gave him a piece of my mind about the whole arrangement and that I didn't like it one bit. That day as it happened there was chaos in my class and in the other teacher's class whom the coordinator also sat in for. Today the director told me that they had scrapped the dual teaching idea altogether but I was worried that I may have lost my students. So today I went in with a vengeance. No more nice teacher but firm and "I'm the boss" approach. It went great and they loved the activities I gave. It was a very good day at work for me and aim to have many of those in the future. Inshallah as they say here which means God willing:)


itsJustmoi said…
You Go Girl!!!
Omega & Alex said…
Thanks Nola. Cheers to you too.

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