Muscat Festival.

The lights of the festival.
For the whole of January the city of Muscat hosted a festival which showcased local culture. It also included displays from different countries but mostly from around the region. We went to have a look and were quite impressed with what was on display. There were stalls from Egypt, Morrocco, Syria and Yemen. There were dancers from China, Iraq and the locals of course. There was also a Malaysian section. The Malaysians served their local food which was delicious. All over the grounds were little eateries of kebabs, popcorn, fries there were also coffee and tea places. It was very impressive and the carnival atmosphere was everywhere. The government had also imported animals and made a little zoo. There were four venues with with similar shows and entertainment. It was really nice. We had a lovely time there bargaining with the Egyptians and the Morroccans and then there were the Bedouins from the desert who would NOT bargain at all. It was take it or get lost. It was quite hilarious but it was fun to see them at work weaving their mats and masks. Here are some pictures from the festival.

Alex at the Malaysian eatery.

Omani boys that wanted their photo taken.

An old man weaving the cloths they use in the desert. Quite an elaborate tool that extends into a hole in the ground.

A machine that is driven by an ox that squeezes the sap from the sugar cane. Alex the tourist.

Peeling fibres from a plant.

Alex ordering at one of the food stands.

Young Omanis performing their local dance.

A young man stirs the halwa in a huge pan that is fixed to the floor. Under the floor is a huge fire heating the concoction, a local delicacy.

A lady carries a clay vessel on her head. Alex in the background.

Some Omani oldies hanging out under the date palms.

A local child carried by her mother.


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