Thursday: week-end

Wow I had 50 visitors yesterday on the blog! That's a record! I wonder why that was. Well it's the week-end here and I must say I'm enjoying it. This morning I woke up at 6am which was new and it wasn't too hot then. The pools looked inviting but wasn't inspired enough to make the effort! I know, hopeless. Ok the real reason: Last night I had one too many wines with dinner and I woke up sick as a dog... cliche but yeah I hate that feeling. It's moments like that, that I vow never to put that stuff in my mouth again! But seriously I wonder why I drink one too many at times. I wish I could just stop consuming alcohol altogether but hmmmm will do eventually.
So today I went to pay bills and do some grocery shopping which was not bad. Just something to do to get out of the house. Poor hubby has been working hard so I let him sleep in and tried to tip-toe to give him peace....for a little while. heh heh! At 2pm we went to meet friends for coffee. Our friends that we haven't seen since we got back from the holidays. Slack I know but we try! We then went to see Wild Hogs at the movies. It was hilarious... I just about laughed from the beginning to the end. A bit too many swear words for kids but it's great.
Last night I decided I spend way too much time on the computer so I was not going to turn it on today or come near it... Hubby turned it on to start with and I walked in and saw it on and put in the password to enter it...yep just couldn't help myself. Anyway so I left the house with checking any mails or anything. Came back went to coffee to see friends and now waiting for another friend who's getting ready, to go with her to a shopping centre to hang out!
It is the height of summer here surprisingly it's not too hot!(I think) as I can hear people using the pool which is not the norm on most days.


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