Nasty hangovers and upgrades!

Just got back from Dubai tonight. Tired as. Went out last nite with Alex and Rich, Net's hubby from the UK to the Irish Village in Dubai. Of course a few beers too many later we moved to Rock Bottom... Next thing we were just wasted hahaha Because I was drinking for Nets and Left the club at 2am and went home. Woke up with the WORST hangover. I was supposed to go skiing at 9am with Alex's sister... I was still in bed by 11am. I was just GONE. Of course famous last words : I am never doing that again...!!! We went to sister-in-law's place and I went straight to bed. Two hours later I woke up revitalised and headed for the mall to catch up with hubby, C and our friends that we had planned to have lunch with. Heh heh! Let's just say I was a wreck choo hooo. And because of it I didn't even want to shop...darn it hahaha! After lunch had a quick look around then went home. I caught the 10.30pm flight back. The airport was packed. I was lucky to get a seat. Got to immigration and the queues were long so I braved it and stood in the fast track/business/first class queue which had less people. I walked up to the counter with the confidence of a first class pax hahaha! And thankfully got away with it. I saw a guy ahead of me being sent back so I wasn't keen to be embarrassed infront of all those people I don't even know hahaha!
Anyway got to the flight and one of our friends was flying. Told the flight attendant to say hi to the captain and she came back to invite me to the cockpit to say hi. Nhen he duly upgraded me to Business class. I politely and graciously smiled and thanked him for such a kind offer... choo hooo.
All of the 50 min flight the two flighties in biz class were trying to get me to have some champagne or wine and whatever else they had. I ungratefully refused as I had decided earlier I'm not touching that stuff anymore hahaha OK I thought 'Am I reeking so bad for them to be so persistent?' The flightie looked shocked when I told him no thanks! I said I was driving home. Very nice of them though. They're hubby's colleagues hence the graciousness. Anyway got here okay. So nice to be home, to sleep in my own bed. Ok gotta go sleep have to work early tomorrow. Hard week this week.


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