Pick-up Story!

Yesterday in one of my classes, I gave the students some exercises to complete and in the middle of it they erupt into a frenzy of Arabic speaking! They were obviously discussing something they felt strongly about so I asked what the problem was and to at least discuss it in English!
One guy pointed at the one lady and said
"She wants to buy a pick-up!" and shook his head.
"So? She lost her car in the flood", I was a little confused about what the problem was.
The lady spoke up, "Teacher, I want to buy a pick-up and they're all saying I shouldn't because ladies don't drive pick-ups"
A classic example of cultural differences.
And the lady continued that even her family were against the idea of her buying a pick-up!!! Moreover when she went to the showroom even the salespeople were discouraging her form buying one!
I asked her why she had decided to buy a pick-up and she said she just wanted one and she didn't see the problem. Though her sister told her that they wouldn't ride in it if she does buy it!
The guys looked at me for support to tell the poor lady that it was a ridiculous idea and I plainly said to the lady;
"If you want to buy a pick-up then by all means go for it, you will change some perceptions in your country by doing so" She laughed and said that she might even be in the paper as the first woman to buy a pick-up in the country considering the fuss everyone was making"
However not many people own pick-ups here. They're mostly owned by businesses or driven by the bedouin people who live in the desert.


Suburban said…
Just found your blog. Fantastic!

SHe should go for it, I have a fantastic Abu shenab pickup, (like the fishermen and Bedu drive) It's like being in a parade driving that thing. Everybody loves it.

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