Fitness and eating well: The fight against the bulge continues

This is probably a lot of people's struggle and I'm one of those. I try to be active all the time and join different fitness classes to spice up my exercising life and just to stay fit. OK notice I said 'I try' cos I think I take months long breaks in between. I've been doing yoga and I love that until the blimin yoga teacher announces she's leaving which sucks and puts me off. Still looking for someone else in town to go to. There's another awesome yoga instructor my friends go to who's on holiday so will go to her when she comes back. I'm so inspired now I really want to be good at it. Ommmmmm.
I've started working out at the gym following some programme the husband is on now. And well I've impressed myself by going hard out. It is really good and time focussed that there's no time to wallow in self pity and think I dislike gyms so yep am hoping that six pack will show itself soon through the family pack I'm carrying around:) choo hoo OK am not exactly huge but I would like to be fit and lose a little bit just to keep the bulge at I said the fight continues choo hoo.
Which brings me to food. Like every Samoan I guess I just love to eat. Am trying to limit myself to healthy foods which comes under cancer fighting foods as well. I'm trying to clean our diet so not to feed my kids crap from the shops. So my answer for this is to bake for my kids. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I baked chocolate muffins that my son requested and well let's say one found it's way to my tummy straight away.
My mind says well you're working out so it should be ok. ha ha. I think I'd be a personal trainer's nightmare. OK this mama better go it's bedtime routine time. 


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