Pregnant Boredom plus...

So lately I find myself utterly bored! Yep over 7 months pregnant and bored! I wonder if this is my pregnant dilemma. I don't get nausea nor other common pregnant predicaments but I seem to find myself in moments of unfathomable boredom! It's really strange but I guess I might as well dwell in this sensation until pepe arrives and I'll be wondering when I had the time to be bored! I've been reading alot of novels and find TV boring. I've just read a Kate Atkinson novel for the first time and it's fantastic. Now I'm scrambling to find one more of hers so I can get lost in it. 

My son has two days holiday from kindy so tomorrow we're going to spend our afternoon at the beach. I'm looking forward to having a swim in the sea but not the sun exposure(mindful of sunspots and all)!

Today I came home and hubby showed me more mangoes and avocados that a friend of ours brought back from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Hubby went there last week and he came back with a bag of them on Valentines Day and I had been indulging on them for the past two weeks. When he found out our friend was going there this week he asked if he could bring some back this week so I'm one happy camper. The mangoes are so sweet like those in Samoa and so fresh they sure beat the ones we buy from the supermarket that were plucked from the trees way too early. The avocados also are rich in taste unlike the supermarket ones! I'm blessed and God bless the hubby for his thoughtfulness and our friend for bringing more back:)

Moe Time
So we've finally sorted out our 4 year old's sleeping routine in time for pepe's arrival. Before, it was a fight to put him to bed but after persistence and discipline since we got back, now he can go to sleep on his own after reading him bedtime stories. It's just been fantastic. He still crawls into our bed at the early hours of the morning which I don't mind one bit. He's still my pepe so will keep on enjoying the cuddles. 


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