A Pregnant Update

I'm now past my seventh month so not long to go before a wee loud person joins this household! I've been enjoying my morning walks on the beach breathing in that morning air from the ocean while the weather is fantastic. Two weeks ago I started pregnant yoga classes. I love yoga generally and am glad I found a good class this time again to join. The instructor is fantastic and is a midwife as well so she knows her stuff. I still find it so weird to be in a room full of pregnant women though! Anyway so I've been enjoying the stretching and waking up with leg muscle pains from some of the stretches which has been very invigorating. Last week however I found myself fighting back laughter(the fob in me at play here) when the instructor had us on our backs holding our legs and then telling us to breathe deeply and exercise the vaginal area. Like squeeze and let go, squeeze and let go. All I could think of was that I was going to break wind plus "am I really being told to exercise my vagina!! in a class." I think all ya fobs that read this will see it the way I did! Just too funny. We did it again this morning and I swear I was going to laugh out loud. Anyway luckily I didn't and once again walked out feeling fantastic.
Last week on one of my beach walks I got cat whistled at. I found it rather disgusting and disturbing! Anyway I'm excited to see our little baby and in the meantime our four year old is very excited also and telling me all the ways he'll help me with his little brother/sister. However it's not "I'll help you change the nappies" anymore...it's "you can change the dirty nappy mummy and I'll put on the clean nappy!!" And I've slowly started to sort things out for pepe. 


Goddess said…
Wow, not long to go now!!! And that's so cute about tau offering to help...what a great age as he'll understand what's going on!! Cool....I'm laughing about the exercise though....you fob, hah. K,make care and Pat that belly for us!

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