A car drove out and I took it's place in the parking lot. I went in to nearby shops to pick stuff up I ordered and came back within 20 minutes to my car and was horrified when I saw I had blocked a car in!!! I didn't realise the parking lane I was in wasn't parking but a whole line of cars blocking others in. I saw the car in front of me's driver in it so I waved at her that I was going and sorry. She came out of the car yelling 'rightfully so I thought' at me for blocking her in. I apologised profusely and said it was an honest mistake. I really didn't see there was no exit in front of her car as I had reversed parked. Anyway the lady was livid and said she'd called the police and I shouldn't do that kind of thing. Again I said I knew exactly how she felt but I was really really sorry for delaying her. She continued on saying I shouldn't do that to other people to which I said "I never do that, it was by accident as I just said I didn't mean to." She continued on now lecturing me about being responsible to others. Once again I said, "listen lady, I didn't do this on purpose and as I said I'm really sorry but don't go accusing me of doing this all the time." She said "I think you do it all the time" I said.."Excuse me, you have no idea who I am and you're standing there telling me I do this all the time, I'm apologising to you accepting full responsibility for my actions and you're still accusing me and not accepting my apology. Do you want me to get on my knees and beg your forgiveness? Well I'm not going to do that and if you're not willing to listen and accept my apology screw you and I'm done talking to you, you crazy bitch" At that point I was pissed off  to which she just wouldn't stop talking not even listen to what I had to say but kept on accusing me as I walked off to my car and drove off. Lucky my hormones were in check and I didn't run over her little sedan with my SUV, farken nutcase!!! 


Goddess said…
argh - I wish i was there to smash her lights out. dumb ass...good on on for keeping your cool! phew!

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