Creeps on Facebook/ Facepoo

It's that time again when I'm totally off facebook. I've deactivated my profile for now. I got a friend request from a someone I didn't know but listed as a friend of one of my FB friends. So as you do you click on their page to see who it is and whether you remember my utmost disgust and irritation there on his page are my photos! He had gone and shared my pics on his page. Him because that was his profile, and that he was from Am Samoa! Yikes and yuck. I messaged them that it was very creepy that he copied my photos when we didn't even know each other. What pissed me off more is how blimin' facebook allows this sort of thing. When I went to check the said photos on my profile settings they were set on 'public' which means any weirdo can see and copy then. You have to choose the setting EVERY time you change your profile picture and apparently cover photos are automatically 'public' and you can't do otherwise! Well that put me right off because I thought I was being good at being private on FB from strangers!!! I reported the creep's pics as abusive to me and blocked him from my page. If I do go back on FB I will clean out a lot of people I'm friends with on there. The novelty of finding old friends has worn off. Especially after a year and you've hardly said two words to one another aside from the initial catch up! Ia enough ranting about facebook. 


Goddess said…
whose the creep in case they add me?

yukk, what a weirdo!
Sieni said…
that's really creepy!! *cue horror music here* shudders *

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