Revolution all around us

Amazing occurrences in Tunisia and Egypt, managing to oust their dictators for their own freedom to choose for the people. Now Bahrain are still in protest but for what exactly I'm not sure. I think the people want more representation in the government. It's been interesting watching all this happening around us. Iranians are also protesting to their leader's dismay and the Libyans are well on their way to getting rid of Gaddafi and his corrupt regime though Gaddafi is killing the protesters to stop the inevitable from happening. The question remains though like that in Egypt and Tunisia, now that the past dictators have been ousted: what next? I just saw footage on BBC today of Egypt being awfully quiet with no tourists! We were there in 2006 and the place was crawling with tourists. Will the people settle and elect a government that could lead Egypt into a better future?


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