Last week-end, our friends asked if we were keen to go camping and we weren't sure at first then decided it would be a good idea. Hubby bought an 8 man tent almost 2  years ago and we hadn't gotten around to using it yet. Later that day we went and bought sleeping bags from Sultan Centre which is usually THE camping store in Oman. I also went to Carrefour which had kids sleeping bags to get one for Tau along with the Chinese mats that come in handy. So early Wednesday morning we were up and started packing. My 1pm we were on our way to meet our fellow campers and by 1330 we were on our way to Fins beach just past the Sink Hole after Quriat. The new highway got us there in just under two hours it was awesome. However I missed the lovely ocean drive along with going through the Omani villages. I guess it's good for the villages now that the nosy tourists and campers don't disturb their peace in our 4wds and prying eyes and cameras! Nevertheless we got there safely and found the usual spot our friends go to was taken so we stopped not far from there and cleared the area. There was a landcruiser and trailer that was parked on the beach obviously the owners were out fishing. As we were setting up our tents we notice the other patrons leaving so we moved our cars along with our tents and carried the tents across the beach about 300 metres to the ideal spot with the better sandy beach and a bit of elevation of the water's edge. It was perfect after clearing rocks and H built the fire pit and we set up like a little village with our tents in a semi circle and the eating and cooking tent in the middle of the malae. It was beautiful. We relaxed and watched the kids play as the sun set and the moon was already making it's way across the sky. Our friend's dog we took along was so excite it just kept barking at the water's edge and play in the water. The temperature was beautiful but as dusk came the temperatures started to drop and it got quite cold. The boys got the fire roaring as we sat around and sipped some medicinal drinks(beer/wine/rum for some) until one by one we bid adieu and went off to huddle in the warmth of our sleeping bags and tents. 
Another couple our friends and their son drove over to see us in the evening, hoping to hang out and then head back to the city without knowing that it was a two hour drive plus the new highway is not well lit up just yet, so we made sure they would stay behind though they didn't bring any camping gear we managed to get some blankets/mattress and since we had an 8 man tent with a partition we fit nicely in the our big tent no problems. I think they got too cold though so I heard them turn on their car so they could keep warm in the early hours of the morning. I felt so bad for them but we gave them all we could but they were okay the next morning. 
There was loads of food to go around for breakfast. The men went for a swim with all the kids in the morning. The water was quite cool but the kids enjoyed it. Later we all took turns taking the kids to play in the sand, collect shells, explore the corals and the bushes near the beach. At around 12 the sun was quite warm now, I had fun relaxing on the beach getting a tan and reading my book and chatting with my friends and making sure we could see where all the kids were. I then went for a swim when the water was quite refreshing and contrasted the hot sun on the surface. We then had another nice meal. We were not short of food at all! After lunch the kids kept on playing on the beach and then we decided it was time to pack up and leave as the sun was very hot then and before it got dark on the road. We all packed as a group and by 5pm we were home. 
It was a fun night and I wish we had more than one night out there. It was also with such a good group, we were all quite relaxed and if one family forgot something someone else had it. It was really nice and I really look forward to doing it again:)


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