Bangkok 2010

We left Oman on December 13th, 2010. We stopped over in Bangkok on the way for three days. We stayed in Soi 33 which was really clean and had access to a lot of things. We stayed in serviced apartments called the Adelphi Grande which was awesome. Clean and lots of room and it had a nice pool with very helpful and friendly staff. Nearby is the train station so we had access to a lot of things and the shopping is off the hook. The MBK mall has everything from overpriced global stuff to locally made and knock-off goods. It was great and of course bargaining was part of the shopping experience. 
We met up with a lovely Samoan lady friend who lives in Singapore but was in Thailand to visit her husband, she came to Bangkok to meet us. It took her a four hour car ride and some due to the heavy traffic in Bangkok but she made the effort due to the pure Samoan instinct of wanting to get in touch and connect with other Samoans in a foreign land. It's amazing where-ever we are we do that due to that common denominator of being Samoan! We started off at dinner in a nice restaurant in Soi 31 and strolled around and noticed that the bars had some illustrious names such as Lookie Lookie, Hooker, Shakers, Peep Inn!!! hmmm I guess it doesn't leave much to the imagination. So Lookie Lookie caught our eye as it had outdoor tables and we decided to just order some drinks and not dare 'peep in'. Well the 'waitresses' were friendly as they came out to play with Tau and pinch his cheeks and keep him entertained while we sat down for a drink!! It was a quiet night so there were only a handful of clients who came in for a drink or two and then left again shortly afterwards. The waitresses invited us to come inside the bar and I said not if they have a 'show' and they said no it's just a bar! So we decided to go in and play pool and there was no one else around par for the 10 'waitresses' milling around the place.  So we settled in the back corner and played pool even my two year old played pool and the girls just kept coming over to dance with Tau and marvel over him!!! And the show bunny my son is didn't let them down,  he was dancing away to the music with the ladies!! I didn't mind he was entertained and we were happily playing pool with all these ladies at our beck and call! Eventually my little one settled in his stroller and went to sleep while the three of us kept on playing till the bar manager asked to order our final drinks as it was closing down time!! So we left Lookie Lookie bar very happy with a tired toddler in tow. Our hotel was a stone throw away so hubby and my son went to bed while my friend and I went to her room and chatted until dawn broke and we decided to join the business people for the early morning breakfast. After breakfast I stumbled into bed and slept fitfully for 4 hours and then got up to join my friend for a nice Thai foot and shoulder massage around the corner!! What a fun spontaneous time with our friend and then happily got on the next flight to Auckland while our friend got picked up by her driver to go back home to her hubby. 
So this is what happens when four Samoans meet up in a foreign city, we dine, we wine, we talk till we drop then we get a massage if affordable down the street:)


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