Visitors and Freak weather!

This week we had Alex's sister visit us for four days. It was a bit short but it was nevertheless lovely to have Francesca up here for a few days. We didn't get to do much because on the second day of her visit due to freak weather, it rained heavily and there was flooding all over Muscat. There was a major accident on the highway not to mention many smaller ones. Cars were washed away from car parks and when we drove Alex to work the roads were flooded and we saw a new landcruiser in the middle of a wadi about to be submerged under the water. On our way back, the landcruiser had dissappeared totally and there was another car nearby suffering the same fate. I still can't understand how they ended up there when the road was ok to drive on. I think they might have sped up and didn't turn the bend in time. The cars were empty otherwise.
There were also stories being reported of acts of heroism around town of people risking their safety to help others. It's nice to read about the good in humans as opposed to all the bad that humans cause and inflict on others.
Anyway Francesca had a relaxing time instead and on the third day when it was not raining we went to a beach just outside of Muscat to have a swim and BBQ. It was good and now Cesca is travelling around Jordan before heading for Ghana and then eventually start work in Dubai. It'll be great to have family nearby to visit soon. In the meantime we have three more days before heading for Hong Kong and then on home.


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