Obereggen Skiing Dolomiti, Italy

Day 1.
We left our dear friends place in the morning and made headway for Obereggen on Saturday morning. The drive from Milan is just magnificent through North Italy. The flat becomes mountains blanketed by terraces of grapevines! I was a passenger in between snoozing I marvelled at the grape growers expertise in traversing the sloped vineyards. Rivers run through vineyards as well as train tracks as a train chugs along through the perfectly lines. And we are on a road that cuts right through this work of art. We ascend higher and higher into the mountains and it's still very green. I'm inwardly worried that there may not be any snow for us to ski on and we were all so looking forward to the snow. We drive through Bonzano and it is warm and the sunshine hitting the green trees is just beautiful. As we ascend the winding road it's still green much to our pleasure coming from the desert however at this moment we'd like white snow! It is of course very late in the season but well we were hoping for some freak weather that would cover the mountains with snow by the time we got there.
We arrived and in the distance we see two snow cover slops cascading down the mountain facing the hotel in the small village below. My heart fluttered and we were now screaming with happiness. We found our kid friendly Kinder Hotel Maria and returned to the car park near the entrance to the village. We walked to our hotel to check in. It's a lovely cosy boutique type place and we were met with warmth and efficient staff. Our room was perfect for our family of four. The kids had their own little room with bunk beds and we had a big double bed next door. The shared bathroom was huge with bathtub and separate shower. We had a good feeling about the place and we were going to be comfortable for our week long stay. We dragged our luggage across the road to the hotel and off we went to explore the small skiing village, book ski gear and classes. The ski rental place staff were helpful and we were done in no time. Also confirmed our kids ski lessons for the week and off we went to get our ski passes.
After everything was booked we grabbed a snack and a sundowner at the tipi outdoor restaurant facing the slopes as the sun set over the mountain. This part of ski culture makes you want to go back again and again.
We went straight to dinner at the hotel and it was a five course meal and it was delicious. This part of Italy is Tyrollean and so the food is more Austrian/German than Italian. So all week we had the best of the three culinary cultures and so we basked and indulged in this food heaven.


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