Conversations with my 6 year old

My son spent a week with his grandparents in Wellington and I picked him up today from the airport. It was so good to have my baby back in my arms and with me again. I know he had an amazing time with his grandparents and he loves every minute of it. His mouth was going a hundred mph as we drove home. We passed a small cemetery and he said,
Mum look it's where dead people live.
I said well they're dead and they're buried there it's called a cemetery.
He asked if each person had a cemetery and I explained that individual plots were called graves. He asked but what are those things with words on them...oh those are headstones. I then added remember I told you when we die our bodies turn to soil again?
He piped up, mum when you die I will bury you in the dirt. Me trying to stifle my laughter I said; that's okay.
Then he said; well actually I will put you in the guest room on the bed there.
Hmm let's explore this, why would you do that sweetie?
Well then you're with me for awhile, I'll do the same with dad then I can remember how much fun we had. But when I turn 42 I will put you in the dirt in the garden. Plus you and dad don't own a cemetery so there's nowhere to put you guys so you'll be in my garden where I'll remember where I put you.
I'm in hysterics but of course trying very hard to concentrate on the road and keep the conversation going.
He thought a bit then he said oh yeah you have to be buried in Samoa because that's where you're from. That means mum you have to die in Samoa...
wahahaha okay tall order there son. I asked what if I die somewhere else.
He answered I will take you home mum!!! I said what if you just cremate me I explained cremation and he said, no I'll take you home with dad too.
Not morbid at all. I missed my boy and his 6 year old logic and inquisitive mind.  


Nydia Aloaina said…
Hahaha you go Tau! Like Elita she always says "I hope Grandma dies soon so I can watch TV any time I want!" Lol.

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