Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman

My friend Millie and I made it to see Aida last month at the newly opened Opera house in Muscat. Well it opened last year but I finally managed to make a show. Last year almost all the shows were sold out as they brought in sought after acts for the first year of the Opera house. They had Domingo, Andreas Bocelli, The Russian Ballet, Japanese drums and if you snoozed you lost out. I was over the moon when my opera going friend called to say she had a spare ticket for me to see Aida by Verdi. It was performed by the Warsaw National Theatre and it was beautiful. The colours on stage and the beautiful performances and voices were just magical. I enjoyed every minute of it. Last night we went to see Jessye Norman an American Opera singer. It was an enjoyable performance and the lady had a mesmerizing voice but I found it weird to listen to opera in English! Not that I understand Latin or Italian but somehow it sounds more intriguing than in English. Nevertheless Ms Norman had a very alluring voice and I think she must be nearing 70 and looks and sounded amazing. 

Needless to say the Opera house is just grandeur. The interior is decorated in everything Omani and just very tasteful. A surprise awaited when the show started each seat had a little screen in front of it so that it had subtitles in either English or Arabic so one could understand the language used in the act! That was crazy but awesome, and then above the stage itself they had another screen with the subtitles as well. It's so well positioned that it doesn't take your attention away from the show itself! 

The staff at the opera house were also the best. They were mostly local men and women and were attentive to the opera goers. From the two times I've been to this opera house, it's probably the best service offered in this city. The attendants were polite and cordial. The refreshments staff were quick and friendly enough oh and every act was on time! It really made the experience that good and felt like you could be in Europe in any old opera there. Needless to say this girl is hooked and looking to make shows I'm around for! 
***** Five stars for the Oman Royal Opera House


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