Canadian Stampede in Muscat

So the stampede day finally rolled up and we were all very excited about it. Our driver cum gardener and our babysitter arrived at 6pm and off we went to pick up our friends whom were catching a ride of us to avoid any drunk driving. Gotta love 8 seaters than can seat 9 people! Well we've been here 7 years and have never been to the stampede before. There were hundreds of people there and what a well-organised event. It was good fun. There was loads of food and the drinks were cheap. There was a shooter station and the shots were mini drinks so I stayed well away from that station. My one complaint was that the breezers ran out fast. Everyone got a drink at the door but when I went to the bar to get another they didn't sell it at the bar. I don't like mixing drinks so that sucked. 
Our whole group had an awesome time line dancing and just having a good laugh but one blacked out and abused the spouse on the way home and one went walkabout and two dirty danced like teenagers on the dance floor at the end of the night. It was just hilarious until the next day when I was in pain from skipping about like a cowgirl all night.


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