Emergency in the village

I went back to the house to make sure the chow was ready for the galuega (tattooing) and found my cousin had driven to the galuega with it. As I was about to hop back in the car to go back to help my cousin's wife ran up to me accompanied by some random village boy if I could help this family by driving their child to the nearby hospital as the child had collapsed. I agreed and the boy and I drove to their house not far away to pick up the child. When I drove up, three women ran towards the car with one cradling what looked like 3-5 year old girl in her arms. The little was unconscious as her head was lolling as the woman cradled her. I asked if she was breathing and the older woman said that the little one was breathing but just not responding. I drove towards the hospital with what's now the little girls grandma and two aunties. I wasn't aware of the whereabouts of the mom but the little girl was under the care of the grandma that day it seemed. As I was driving along to the hospital the grandma said to the others that we must stop to see someone named Fiu.
I thought they were talking about another relative so I turned into that house as they pointed it out. As soon as I stopped the car all three were out in a flash with the child while yelling out to the household if Fiu was there. The answer was yes and that Fiu was in the umukuka out back so they called out to Fiu to come. Next thing I saw, was this household running around gathering leaves and herbs as it dawned on me that this was the village taulasea(natural healer)! I sat in the car drumming my fingers waiting. There were more than enough people there so I wasn't going to help in any way but be in the way if I got out of the car. Eventually after the child was given a mixture to drink and massaged I heard cries and then the girl's aunties asking her questions like 'what's your name?' and 'who am I?' and who's this?" pointing to the grandma. The kid must have been answering correctly because they were happy with that and they bid adieu to the healer and returned to my car with a wakeful little girl. They hopped in the car and thanked me profusely for driving them. As I came out of this drive and was about to turn towards the hospital they all quickly decided that there was no need to go to the hospital and that we should go home. I insisted that the child must be checked by a doctor but they were adamant that the child was okay now and if I could drive them back home faafetai lava. I reluctantly dropped them back to their house. They wanted to pay me for taking them but I said not to worry about it and drove off after telling them that they must take the child for a follow-up at the hospital.
Should I have just driven to the hospital against their protests? But then
I decided that it was not my place to try and tell them what to do or not to do.


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