Rugby World Cup fever

The world cup started last week and we have been glued to the TV to watch our team play. Samoa played South Africa last week and unfortunately the referee was not very fair and made a few calls that didn't make sense. The final score was SA: 59 Samoa 7. SA was the stronger team from the onset but the score could have been closer if the referee hadn't smothered the fighting spirit of the Samoans. Anyway last night Samoa played Tonga and amazingly Tonga beat Samoa 19- 14. Now that was painful to watch. Tonga hasn't been able to beat Samoa in seven years and funny how they flew all the way to Europe in front of the world fans to make a statement. Am very happy for Tonga for it is a huge feat for them. As for Samoa I'm not sure what's going on there. I however still have faith that they can play better especially they are up against the reigning champions England at the end of the week. Wish them all the best in their games against England and the US after that. If we beat both teams we still have a chance of getting into the quarter finals.
The South Africans are on form and so are the All Blacks. The ABs are the favourites and they're playing well. I think it's an ABs vs SA final this year. In the meantime ramadan has started in Oman and today I drove home at around six pm which is when the sun set today and the roads were empty. All the locals were either at the mosque or getting together with families to enjoy Iftar (the breaking of the fast meal). It's day four and we have a while to go yet.
We are expecting some friends from Abu Dhabi to visit us tomorrow and stay for a few days. Looking forward to them now. Better go to sleep I have a long day tomorrow.


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