Its the New Year after all.

We were with some lovely people last night for New Year's. We had a nice time with our friends here in Oman and had a good laugh. Unfortunately I wore a white top and at midnight while we're greeting everyone, one lady pumped into me and hello red wine on my white top... what a put-off. I sound like such a girl so I just folded the top on itself to hide the yucky stain. I looked like I had too many when I hadn't just yet! So let's see if the chlorox will get rid of the stain!
Anyway it was a garden party at the oil company compound and the setting was quite nice. The food was good too.
Another couple had invited us all (through friends) to their house earlier which overlooked the city and the ocean before we headed to the party. It was a spectacular view! We all ended up back there for a night cap as they called it... a few too many later we decided to call it a night and headed home. Alex had a good laugh with the Omani surgeon who kept cracking Irish jokes all night. He had done his internship in Britain and his wife was Scottish! It was a lovely mix of people and it was good fun indeed. Happy New Year.


tEiNe_DoMiNgUeZ said…
too funny cousin... well, next time throw some red wine on her too. lol..

well lokeni spent new year's with us down here and taught our pulega a dance to take to samoa, so it'll be really cool!!! but yeah, it was a good tiatia reunion. Getting drunk with couzin Keni!!! lol.. now we miss him dearly!!

eh, happy new year though cuz..

love u much,

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